April 3, 2012

all things easter

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Can you even stand this?

It's that time. 
The littles got busy on some eggs yesterday. They don't need my help anymore, they want to do it themselves. That's not fair.

I was feeling left out so I got a sharpie and went to town. Della had to get in on the fun, of course.These are so perfect for older kids. I am teaching an art class for 6,7 and 8th graders this week and we are going to do sharpie eggs.

I know you've seen these natural beauties out in the blogosphere. They also provide a lovely chart with a recipe for each color.

And then there are these really cool tattoo easter eggs. The easier way to make these would be to modge podge  pictures that you have cut out a magazine.

We are going to a flash light Easter egg hunt on Saturday night and I think it's a genius idea.
The Easter bunny comes with a few darling hints of spring. Nothing extravagant at all, pansies for each child and a few little happies. 
And, of course, church on Sunday.
And then the food.
Always the food.
Do you have any Easter traditions that I should know about?


  1. Love the bunny photo :) My dog will lay like that too.

  2. Lovely!
    I like your plans, the children's initiatives.

  3. My Tallulah lays like that too!
    I have been saving all the extra 'big' eggs from my Aruacana [Easter egg] chickens to paint on Saturday. We always go to my daughter's [ we divide the holiday's and she gets Easter] home for a large family dinner and egg hunt.

  4. Thanks for the link to the natural egg dyes! Been like a hundred years since I've dyed easter eggs, have totally forgotten how.

  5. love the eggs. i'm thinking we'll dye some up this year, eat a lot of egg salad next week. and the bunny...gah!

  6. Peter Cotton Tail taking an easter "egg break"- toooooo darn cute!
    We dye brown eggs love the mellow colors...love the Mendhi design(must try this)
    In Norway( and here) we gather branches from bushes/trees and force them...then we tie brightly colored feathers and hang our eggs on them (easter tree)very colorful and cheery- looks so pretty with the tiny green leaves.
    God Paaske!(Happy Easter)

  7. I love those Sharpi eggs. I am going to do this and impress the heck outta my nieces and nephews. We have one big easter egg hunt & feast at my in laws house on Sunday, then, I try to throw away 3/4 of the candy that my kids get from their Nana :)

    That bunny pic is too cute. No, I can't stand it!

  8. We will be doing our eggs on Thursday so I'm thrilled that you posted the Sharpi idea! How fun is that?!? We will be at church and then hosting my SIL and her little man for Easter dinner and an egg hunt, simple and sweet. I told my husband that we have to remember to do the flashlight egg hunt when our kids are older! Brilliant!

  9. I want that bunny butt. Cutest. Picture. Ever.

    Guess what....?
    I hate Easter. Am I horrible? I hate easter eggs.
    I think I;m the only one on the planet. My mom is coming with Easter baskets for the girls, luckily.


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