March 27, 2012

one week of vegetarian meals

the lowly beet just might be my favorite vegetable
We are going vegetarian for the week. I decided this on Sunday in a very nonchalant fashion. I wish I could say that there was some raging conviction around it, but then I'd be lying, and I don't like to lie to you guys. I like meat. Let's rephrase that. I like GOOD meat. I like meat that I know to be raised and processed properly and not shot up with drugs or slimed. I'm not going to go on and on about that, because I think you all know what I mean. Meat of questionable lineage gives me the shivs. Quality meat is expensive and I'm frugal, but mostly I believe that it's healthy to change things up. For adults and kids.

It's a good idea to shift perspectives, and raise your awareness around things that you do everyday. I believe, deep down, that it keeps you young and fresh and feisty to knock your habits on their ear every now and again. I told the young'uns that we weren't eating meat this week, and their only concern was that Ben and Jerry's is vegetarian. Max and Matt did consider their Friday night pizza, but I think that both of them can bear this cross for one Friday of their meager lives.

Just to be fickle, the husband stated that he could eat meat when I wasn't around, because I'm not his mother.(But apparently, he'll be too lazy if I am around?!)
Below you will find what I have mapped out for the week. Like Matt, you can eat whatever you like, but a week is a very short period of time and change is good, so feel free to join in. We often eat meatless meals, but I'd like to do it more, perhaps half of the time, so this is a step in that direction. 

sauteed veggies (carmelized onions, green onions, red peppers, japs, and swiss chard) on black bean and cheese quesadillas with salsa and cilantro sour cream
oranges and scratch brownies

breakfast: cheese grits (a staple around here)
kid's lunch: egg salad sandwich, red peppers and blackberries, corn chips and luna bars
mango lassi

breakfast: toast with cherry preserves and boiled eggs and green drink
kid's school lunch: pbj, oranges, celery, corn chips and greek yogurt
thai butternut squash red curry with cashews and greens
brown basmati rice and cucumber salad

breakfast: granola with berries and a green drink
kid's school lunch: avocado chickpea salad sandwich and beets in balsamic vinegar
a Southern vegetable plate
mac and cheese, collards, black eyed peas
cornbread and honey

breakfast: crockpot oatmeal
kid's lunch: cream cheese and olive sandwiches with lots of lettuce, strawberries, popcorn and seaweed
falafel 'burgers' with quinoa tabbouleh, tahini, and avocado
red cabbage slaw

breakfast: we always get bagels at Doughworks on Friday...everything with garlic and herb, and a chocolate donut
kid's lunch: leftover mac and cheese and what ever is available
Friday night is a family treat! Homeslice Pizza! (sans pepperoni this week!)
let's try...the pesto sauce with tomatoes and mozzarella

We grab a movie from the library, and then hunker down for the night.
(and our old friends, Ben and Jerry, might drop by after the kids are asleep)
I hope this gets you thinking!
Would your family give it a whirl or would they rebel?
Happy eating and I am always open to your ideas!


  1. This inspires me! I'm super impressed that your kids eat all that good "weird" stuff for lunch. It sounds delicious to me but I don't know many kids who have such adventurous palates! Good job mom. I think I'm gonna do this too. My kids would eat tofu & pasta w/ veggies every night of their lives so they will be easy, it's the carnivorous man of the house that might be pacing the kitchen after dinner is over :)

  2. The menu is positively delicous! And I haven't even tasted one single bite.

  3. Yay! Thanks Ivey! We are jumping on this little bandwagon for sure. My boys strongly-dislike meat so maybe, just maybe this will make mealtime a happier place! Love your comment about picking up a movie from the library. Oh, my word that brought back a flood of memories from my childhood. My boys know nothing of this, we are headed to the library today :)

  4. How great Ivey! We are headed out for the day, but I will have to look over your menu and borrow some ideas later. I have not eaten meat in years [ a personal choice], but I do live in a house full of meat lovers. I never buy meat, too scary, so we process all of our meat so I know exactly were it comes from. I was surprised to see that venison sells for a premium price along with shrimp, crab and oysters. If these male critter's that I live with didn't know how to harvest it, they would not be seeing it on the dinner table as I just couldn't afford it. We have a grinder, saugage stuffer, and meat own little butcher shop! Lord, help me!

    1. wow tracey! that sounds just perfect to me!i am thinking of deer hunting next would be way off my usual chart, but i very much like the idea of providing our meat. we'll see!

      and ko! yes, the library rocks on all counts! they don't have 'new releases, but then again we haven't seen the 'old releases' so it all works out.!

  5. Everything sounds dee-lish! One of these days I will actually sit down and plan out menus like that instead of just talking about it!

  6. Sounds perfect Ivey!!! I have been tinkering with the idea of going vegetarian, the option would be so easy to do in this town and the resources! But, I do love my fish and eggs :). As far as meat, we have reduced our consumption so much I am not sure hubs would even notice if we cut it all out, but I think the kids would. We only buy organic but that gets so darn pricey!! Anyway, with a menu like yours I think I'd go vegetarian today.
    Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

  7. Thanks Ivey! Love that you posted the menu plan for the whole week! I am trying to menu plan and am finding that I am so much more inspired to cook when I don't feel last minute pressure to come up with something and am actually excited about the meals! Your menu looks awesome! We also love good meat, but try to be veg about 80% of the time - feels like a great balance.
    Thanks again for the inspiration!!

  8. Three cheers for veggie week! The pendulum swings back and forth at our house. I am a veggie at heart and the hubbs loves his meat, but he will consent to whatever I fix for him, as long as it's tasty. I've been working through an Indian cookbook lately, and before that it was a vegan one.

  9. This is great Ivey- thanks for sharing, defintly gives me some new ideas. I easily get stuck in a rut, never have time to come up with menus. Love the fresh beautiful colors in your image - so appetizing!
    Bon Appetit!

  10. i love beets. love them. your menu plan sounds wonderful. i think everyone in my house could roll with it except the mr. he'd be out to lunch and eating meat on the first day :(

  11. Hope you enjoy your week as vegetarians. We are a vegetarian family and love it. The only animal products we eat are eggs from our local farmer, although soon we will have chicks and be getting eggs from the backyard, and honey. It is not an easy change for meat lovers, my husband in one of those, and it was a gradual change for him. He does eat meat if we are out at someone else's place for dinner, but never at home.


    1. hi kim!i'm jealous of your coming chicks! we have too many bears up here...we'd have to build an alcatraz hen house!

  12. I'm coming over on Tuesday, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh shoot, that was today.

  13. I was vegan for a few years in college, and vegetarian for many years after. Now, I'm married to a red meat man who considers a chicken dinner vegetarian. Unfortunately my toddler is all daddy's boy in this regard and will shun anything on his plate in favor of red meat.

  14. Well - I am mostly vegetarian save for some salty bacon here and there - no eggs and no milk (as ingredients usually ok). I make meat for the family but not much. My meat and potato husband has done well. We do chicken regularly and some red meat here and there. So it is common for there to be veggy meals here - although not as "exotic" as some of your ingredients -excellent job and spreading the horizons for the kiddos. I had to laugh my kids love the Luna bars too!!!!!!! Thanks for the great ideas.

  15. Needless to say, I can do the vegetarian thing, as I did for 6 years... BUT I think a mutiny would quickly descend on my house otherwise! Last night, I did the total opposite of your healthy meal and made country fried steak for the time. Talk about grim and the boy's loved it! I was more excited about the roasted beet/goat cheese salad, and white acre peas! Ethan's school lunch today is leftover country fried steak and mashed potatoes. Although, it is his favorite, along with Grandbear, I think we are done for awhile. Love you, Nan

  16. Just sayin women friends...what's up with the men and the meat? My ex said he would never date a vegetarian again. :)

  17. Easy peasy- plenty of yummms, right? I am still inspired and making thai curries on a regular basis around here!

  18. Your menu looks amazing! What a great idea - thanks for sharing your excellent plan :)


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